How to Create and Administrate Your Clan

Registering with the MP-Gaming IRC Server

Firstly you need to be registered with the MP-Gaming IRC server. You can do this by typing /ns register <password> <email> whilst on the irc server. If you're unfamiliar with IRC there is a tutorial located here. This name MUST match your ingame name or basically you're buggered.

Creating Your Clan

Once you're registered with the MP-Gaming IRC server you can create your clan. Remember to identify (see above tutorial) with the MP-Gaming IRC server first though. Creating your clan is very simple; open a query window with the bot by double clicking on its name. To create your clan type !addclan <name> in the newly opened query window, remembering to replace <name> with your desired clan name.
If successful you will receive the following message, You have successfully created <clan name> under the nickname <nickname>. For further commands type !chelp in this window.
However, if you're unsuccessful you will recieve one of the following error messages:

Someone has already taken the clan name <clan name>. If this is your clan please contact a moderator.
You're already in a clan.
Your ingame name must match your IRC name and you must have played atleast 1 game to create a clan.
Your nickname is not registered with the irc server. Please register your nickname and try again.
Usage: !addclan <clan name>

All of these error messages are pretty much self-explanatory; however if you get stuck contact a member of the moderating team.

Adding Clan Members

So now you want to add your clan members? This again is very simple. Firstly make sure your clan member is on the MP-Gaming IRC server and has their nickname registered (see Registering with the MP-Gaming IRC Server), their IRC name must again match their ingame name for this to work.
Now simply type !addmember <name>, replacing <name> with your clan member's name. If successful you will receive the following message: <name> has been sent a invitation to join your clan. Your clan member will receive the following message: <name>, <your name> would like you to join <clan name>. Please type !accept or !deny in this window to reply to the invitation.
The rest is up to the other user; they will either accept or deny your request. You will be notified of their decission in #mp-apb.

Adding New Administrators to Your Clan

Running a clan alone is hard which is why you have the option to add more adminstrators. However, beware: they could effectively destroy your clan without any chance of you getting it back. Only add people you really trust.
To add an extra administrator open a query window with the bot, the same way you did earlier. Again, make sure the clan member is on the MP-Gaming IRC server. Then simply type !addadmin <name>; you will both notified if you're successful.

Forcefully Removing a Clan Member

It's not a nice thing but sometimes it's necessary. Obviously you can only do this if the player is in your clan and you're an administrator. However, you cannot remove administrators from your clan. If you do need one removed for whatever reason contact oxi. He is the only person that can help you with this and the administrator will only be removed at his discretion. That aside, removing a regular clan member is simple; just type !deletemember <name> and the player will be removed.

Further Help

Typing !clanhelp in a query window with the bot will list all the clan commands available to you. If you require further help contact the administration.